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Housing Funding

Funding of Supported Housing


In August 2018 the Government published its long awaited response to the consultation on the funding of supported housing.


SHiP welcome the fact that the funding for supported housing rents is to be retained in the benefit system (housing benefit) and proposals for a sheltered rent have been dropped. It is also understood that there will be no further consultation on long-term services. We would like to congratulate members on their contribution to this result and note the power of the sector to continue to influence change.


The Government are looking at ways to ensure oversight, transparency and value for money of the funding, building on their draft National Statement of Expectation.


Homeless Link and SHiP are keen to hear from members on how enhanced oversight of quality and value for money can be achieved, including:

the operation of existing regulatory regimes

examples of existing quality frameworks used for support or housing

value for money evidence

what factors should be taken into account in enhancing the level of oversight

what an enhanced oversight regime could look like.


Alongside enhanced oversight, the Government is hoping to gain a better understanding of the supported housing sector and has announced plans to undertake a review of housing-related support in order to better understand how housing and support currently fit together. This is an opportunity for members to voice their concerns regarding the pressure on support funding.


Members Resources and Responses on the original consultation are held here


Housing Green Paper


The Government also published its Housing Green Paper in August 2018 seeking a response to the consultation by 6th November 2018. This contains a call for evidence on stregthening the regulatory framework so it is advised that this will carefully considered in the light of the Government's seeking ways to enhance oversight of supported housing.


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